Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Journey Begins

The Yao ethnic group is also known as the Dao, Dazo or Mien. The Yao are an ethnic group form Southeast Asia inhabiting the northern districts of Vietnam and Laos near the border with China. The Yao have many communities in various different places such as Myanmar, Thailand, United States and France. Throughout the rest of this blog I will touch upon many different aspects of the Yao people and their culture.  The other posts will include:

  • History

  • Homeland of the Yao

  • The 'World" of the Yao

  • Cosmos

  • Birds

  • The Yao and Their Neighbor's

  • Migration of the Yao

  • The Cultural Survival of the Yao

  • References                                                            

  • Health care and Funerals

  • An interesting article

  • Nushu

  • A fun fact for you

  • Festivals

  • Dujie: The Adult Ceremony

  • Marriage